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If your boiler breaks down it can cause a multitude of problems, as well as being a huge inconvenience. That is why warranties are so important. When purchasing your new boiler, you may have noticed that it comes with a warranty.

The length of time your warranty is valid for will vary depending on the brand and boiler you choose, and it is important to understand your warranty and what it includes.

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What is a boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty is a promise from the manufacturer to repair your boiler at no extra cost within a certain period. Your new boiler will have at least a 2-year warranty as standard but longer the warranty period, the better.

Your warranty will come with terms and conditions that must be met for your warranty to remain valid.

Some manufacturers will insist their accredited engineers install your new boiler, but you may be able to find your own professional too. However, check your warranty as not following the terms will make it void.

Which combi boiler brand has the best boiler warranty?

Each boiler brand will offer different warranty lengths and conditions so ensure you check this before you make your purchase.

Typically, the higher quality brands offer longer warranties, as they are more confident in the quality of their boilers. Here are some of the best boiler warranties:

Worcester Bosch warranty

Worcester Bosch is a well-known brand and offers a 7-year warranty as standard on all their gas boilers. This can be extended to 10-years if installed by an accredited installer and a magnetic filter is installed.

Vaillant warranty

Vaillant is an award-winning manufacturer with over 140 years’ experience. They offer up to 10-years’ warranty on boilers, but they must be installed by a Vaillant engineer and include a Vaillant Boiler Protection Kit.

Grant UK warranty

Grant UK offer up to a 10-year warranty, but your boiler must be installed by an accredited installer and a magnetic filter must be installed for it to remain valid.

Glow Worm warranty

Glow Worm offer a 2-year warranty as standard but this is extended up to 10-years if an accredited installer fits the boiler.

Can I extend a boiler warranty?

You will be able to purchase extended warranties if you would like extra peace of mind. This is usually offered by the manufacturer at the point of purchase.

The boiler warranty can be extended if the boiler is installed by an accredited installer and there has been a magnetic filter fitted. Every manufacturer is different, but having your boiler installed by a qualified professional who is gas-safe registered is key.

How to claim a warranty?

If your boiler breaks during the warranty period, you will need to contact the manufacturer. Check your warranty paperwork to find the best contact details.

Before an engineer is sent out, they will usually ask the following questions to check your warranty is valid:

  • Was the boiler installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer?
  • Was the boiler registered with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation?
  • Has the boiler been serviced once per year by a Gas Safe registered engineer?
  • Have all previous services and repairs used only manufacturer-approved parts?

What is the difference between a warranty and boiler insurance?

As long as your boiler is installed by a professional and maintained properly, you should have no problems when claiming your warranty. However, you may wish to purchase boiler insurance too.

  • Insurance is usually paid monthly to an insurer.
  • They will outline conditions that need to be met.
  • Check the terms and conditions of your warranty before you purchase insurance as they can be similar.

There are other benefits to boiler cover that do not come with a warranty including:

  • Free annual boiler service.
  • Cover for your central heating.
  • Access to 24/7 helplines.
  • Repairs to your boiler controls included.

What is the difference with a guarantee?

Although they are very similar, the main difference will be in the terms and conditions of each. A boiler guarantee is a contract that means the manufacturer promises to repair or replace a faulty boiler for free, within a reasonable amount of time.

Whereas a warranty will only offer cover if the conditions have been met.

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