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Wood Effect uPVC Windows [Costs + 10x Benefits]

If you’re thinking of upgrading to uPVC windows but like the effect of timber frames, wood effect uPVC windows may be the perfect option for you.

uPVC windows offer a way to upgrade the appearance of your home, reduce your energy bill and increase security.

While adding a wood effect gives you the opportunity to have stunning windows without compromising on quality.

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What are wood effect uPVC windows?

Wood effect uPVC windows offer the best of both worlds. You have the practicality and durability of uPVC, with the classic look of a wood grain finish.

They work brilliantly on both modern and period homes, providing an authentic look with lots of benefits. They also provide a realistic timber effect and look and feel very similar to timber frame windows.

All the uPVC window types like sash windows or casement windows are available with a wood grain finish.

Opt for a wood effect uPVC window

Source photo: altuswindows.co.uk/upvc-windows/coloured-wood-effect-windows

What wood effect colours are available?

The aesthetic of your home is very important, so choosing the right colour for your wood grain effect uPVC windows is essential. There are a range of colours available for uPVC windows including:

Black: Adds and sleek and sophisticated look.

Wood effect uPVC window in black

Source photo: framemaster.co.uk/windows/coloured-windows/

White: A classic colour that matches most style of home. Cream white is also a popular finish.

White grain foil on uPVC window

Source photo: kjmgroup.co.uk

Green: A great choice for a more period or cottage style home.

Green coloured wood effect uPVC windows

Source photo: skylinewindowsni.co.uk

Oak: Oak coloured windows are popular with barn conversion properties and come in Irish and golden tones.

Oak brown uPVC windows

Source photo: clearviewhome.co.uk

Rosewood: This colour is great for those looking for a warmer toned brown.

Rosewood effect uPVC window

Source photo: leamorewindows.com/gallery

Grey: Many modern homes choose grey windows. Self-built homes are also likely to have slate grey or dark grey windows installed.

Grey coloured wood effect window

Source photo: waterside-windows.co.uk

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How are quality wood effect uPVC windows made?

To achieve a high quality and realistic wood effect finish on uPVC windows, a type of laminate foil is used that not only applies colour to the frame, but also emulates the texture and ‘grain’ of wood.

The foil is adhered to the frame using heat, which bonds it to the surface of the uPVC frame and creates a hard coating that is very durable, and you can even choose the unique grain that matches the type of wood effect you prefer.

What are the benefits of replacing your current windows to wood effect uPVC windows?

With wood effect uPVC windows, you’ll get all the benefits of uPVC with the stunning aesthetics of a real wood grain effect. The main benefits of replacing your windows are:

  1. High quality wood effect uPVC windows are very realistic and look just like the real thing.
  2. If you have a period home that is subject to certain restrictions regarding improvements, this style of window is generally allowed, as it is so similar to real timber.
  3. uPVC offers great insulation that keeps your home cool in summer and warm in the winter.
  4. They are very energy efficient so you will save money on your energy bills.
  5. They are much easier to clean and maintain than timber frames. All you need to do is wipe the frames regularly to keep them looking pristine.
  6. There are a wide variety of colours available, so you’re sure to find one to match your home.
  7. They are customisable so you can create the perfect windows with lots of added details that match your preference and style.
  8. Energy efficient windows are better for the environment and will help reduce your carbon footprint.
  9. You will have peace of mind that your new windows are safe and secure.
  10. Timber effect window effect will also value to your home.

Do you want all of the benefits of uPVC windows, but without the modern white appearance. Choose wood grain uPVC. Ask for quotes from local installers.

Real timber versus wood effect uPVC windows

If you are planning to replace your current windows, you may be torn between installing real timber windows or opting for the wood effect uPVC version. But what are the differences? We’ve listed some of the main distinctions between them, to help you decide.

  • uPVC is much lower maintenance than real wood, and will stay looking great for much longer.
  • Wood is much more time consuming to clean.
  • Because of the lower maintenance costs, you will save money by choosing timber effect uPVC windows.
  • uPVC is much more energy efficient than wood as they have an air tight seal and better insulation.
  • Wood can move and warp over time, meaning repairs are more likely.
  • If repairs are needed, timber frames can be more expensive.
  • The strong laminate seal on wood effect uPVC windows creates a durable barrier that handle the British weather much better the timber.

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Which type of glazing should I choose?

Once you have chosen the style of frame you’re happy with, next you’ll need to choose which glazing you would like. Take a look at the options below to help you decide which glazing is the right choice for you:

IG/ Low-E Double glazing: This type of energy efficient glazing allows for better control over the temperature inside your home. It will keep your home cool during the summer and also works to keep an ambient temperature inside your home. So you will spend less on heating and cooling your home.

Triple glazing (Low-E): Triple glazing insulates your property very efficiently and are great for reducing the amount of noise entering a property.

How much do wood effect uPVC windows cost?

Wood effect uPVC windows are a bit more expensive than their standard white counterparts.

But because of their benefits, like style, wood grain effect are a smart investment for your home. But what are the average prices?

The costs below include VAT, installation and the uPVC wood effect windows.

uPVC Wood effect windows Average cost
With double glazing
Sash window
(W 61x H 91,5 cm)
Casement window
(W 96.5 x H 198 cm)
Tilt and turn window
(W 80 x H 100 cm)
Fixed window
(1 square metre)
With triple glazing
Sash window
(W 61x H 91,5 cm)
Casement window
(W 96.5 x H 198 cm)
Tilt and turn window
(W 80 x H 100 cm)
Fixed window
(1 square metre)

How to get quotes from (uPVC) window installers near me?

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your windows to the new generation, wood effect uPVC style. The next thing you need to do is find a uPVC window installer.

Request quotes through the uPVC window quotation service. The installers will also be able to use their specialist knowledge to answer any questions you may have, recommend particular colours, and give you the best advice.

Wood effect uPVC windows are a great addition to any home, so if you’re looking to upgrade your windows, get quotes from window installers today.